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Hotel Dom Fernando

At Hotel Dom Fernando we take both safety and well-being very seriously and, above all, we take the health of our guests and staff as our priority.

Our contingency plan has been active since January, and has always been kept updated according to the latest legislation and directions provided by the health authorities and, thanks to the understanding and cooperation from our guests, we have been complemented by those same authorities that consider our hotel as a very low contagion risk place and, therefore we were granted the “CLEAN & SAFE” seal by Turismo de Portugal on the very first day it was made available.

We would like to remember the fact that we kept our biggest hotel open during such a troubled time for our operation, and the generalized feeling among our staff is one of a strong motivation and pride for being able to accomplish our social mission to provide a much needed support to the community, from the health department to the business area that had to remain active during the confinement period.

Since the beginning of June, we have entered in a new stage of our contingency plan. In order to guarantee the maximum comfort possible to all the guests that may want to visit us, a series of new arrangements adequate to this specific situation we are living were made.  Like we have been doing until this point, we will continue to adjust our policies as much and as many times it is needed in order to keep guaranteeing that comfort, sometimes without the possibility to inform our guests in advance, for which we very much appreciate the understanding and cooperation of everyone. 

What we have prepared for your stay:

A contingency plan with guidelines aligned with the recommendations of health authorities, including the following:

  • Reorganization of the common areas layout to make possible the recommended social distancing;
  • Signaling displayed with recommendations and reminders for a salutary circulation and coexistence;
  • Readjustment of the hygiene and cleaning plans for all areas of our property, including the rooms;
  • Simplification of processes in order to promote the “zero contact” concept;
  • Several devices were placed throughout the hotel to allow an easy and accessible personal disinfection and luggage cleaning;
  • We also have available body temperature measuring equipment.

 What we ask from you:

Often disinfect and sanitize your hands;

Please understand that due to the huge demands and additional precautions implemented in the cleaning of the rooms, it will take a longer time completing those services;

Read carefully the document “Special Measures and Procedures due to Covid19” that is available at your room.

 It will be mandatory:

Use of mask while circulating in the common areas of the hotel;

Scrupulous respect for the respiratory etiquette;

Scrupulous respect for the recommended social distancing;

Compliance with all directions and existing signaling;

Sanitizing your hands every time you wish to access the buffets lines, where children are not allowed;

Enjoy your time at our property, despite all the limitations imposed by the present circumstances.